Rank: Warlord, Parasite King
Xenon Naginata

Xenon Naginata, the Oniyan Emperor, Parasite King, and a fusion of Jake Nakagawa and Xenon Nata.

Alias: Father || Nagi || The Oniyan Emperor || The Corruption Virus
Race: Seemingly Oniyan, though lacking some key features
Age: Supposedly 21 cycles as of Rose for Shurinai.
DOB: This identity was formed in Month 9, 300x. vessel's DOB is M12.D25.C292x

First GlanceEdit

The first thing anyone would take note of is his height. Standing at a height of 9 feet, Xenon Naginata often has a fight to pick with gravity, which would explain why usually slouches over when he walks. He looks a bit malnourished, though it’s hard to see it in his face; he’s a bit slim and fragile looking with an extremely long neck and elongated limbs. His facial features are pointy and angular; his somewhat pointy nose sits atop a mouth that’s either shaped in a creepy half-grin or has a black, gooey tongue with translucent black saliva dripping from it sticking out. When his mouth is closed, one can’t help but notice a shimmering silver ring piercing the left side of his bottom lip and his pointed and angled chin. He usually wears a pair of red snowboarding goggles with a transparent black lens, but it’s hard to miss those slender, ostensibly glowing emerald green eyes with pupils that often change in width—usually, they look snake-like.

Beneath his eyes are dark spots that seem like make-up, but they’re natural and add to his sickly appearance. He has a widow’s peak which is hard to notice at first because of his goggles and his bangs. From this hairline strings two yellow bangs that abruptly gradate into red tips, making his hair look like fire. The rest of his hair looks like this too; though there are two red sideburns that stream off his face and usually end around a few inches from his shirt collar. He has a lot of hair—another thing he’s known for. On his head, his hair spikes upward, slanting backwards and seeming to defy gravity—at the tip of this section of his hair, there is sudden yellow-red gradation that eventually forms into red points. A white braided hair tie separates this section of hair from the “tail” of hair, as he calls it; this ponytail streams all the way down to his feet and seems to spring upward from the ground. Again, there is an abrupt yellow/red gradation with red at the tip.

He has long black ears that curl at the tips (his earlobe even is pointed and curled)—his hair often hides his piercings: a single black cuff and a single white diamond stud are on both ears. He usually wears a black business suit with yellow buttons, a tuscan red tie and a clean, bright, white collared shirt. He tucks his suit pants into a pair of brown boots; quite the odd combination indeed. From his slender, deathly fingers and thumb extend black, retractable claws; he’s able to retract them individually, which is considered to be an odd trait. Because of this ability, he’s able to wear a pair of black, red, and white gloves that are cut to reveal his index finger and his thumb—as well as a small portion of his hand. If one is able to see past his hair, he/she wouldn’t be able to help but notice the strange bumps that line his spinal column; this is a common quality amongst the people of his empire. But all in all—it’s hard to tell that he is an emperor.


Xenon Naginata as drawn by Amanda Bautista ( .)

《 Personality 》

People who have met this “evil emperor” have found him to be a few things: creepy, sly, and drowsy/lazy looking, yet kind and thoughtful—though there are usually alterior motives. Naginata has an odd way of socializing and a strange sense of humor; he often times seems like he has the mentality of an immature teen, cracking and laughing at sex jokes and potty humor. His laughs are soft and soothing, as is his voice—he doesn’t usually laugh very loudly though. When he talks to someone, he usually tilts his head forward and to the left if he likes them and backwards and to the right if he doesn’t. His right brow also often raises when he talks, and his mouth usually curls into a mischievous grin; making it pretty hard to trust him.

His words come out smoothly and slowly when he’s relaxed, and he often has something oddly mindbending to say. He thinks killing is a pointless exercise and expresses a deep passion for the concept of reanimation, taking the bodies of deceased living things and “giving them a gift”. It's pretty ironic to find that his virus does in fact kill people, making him a bit of a hypocrite. When he finds interest in someone, he usually stalks them until he drives him/her nuts and/or infects him/her. He rarely takes anything seriously until someone he is bonded to ends up in deep trouble—often leading to it either being a bit late, too late, or him being scolded by his older brother. But then again, while in the body of a college kid, how can he help himself? He is often heard saying things like "yo", "oh shit", and "nice" at one point and more flowery, disturbing things at another. He has two states of mind, an offensive and a defensive, part of the mentality of a Parasite King.

He finds immense pleasure in pain at certain points, usually when he is coaxing someone to cut him and drink his blood, which is highly virulent and even considered to be deadly. He's an extreme control freak and spends immense time planning his advances in the War for Corruption, though sometimes he usually improvises.

Fem Nagi

Xenon Naginata, in Parasite Queen form.

《 Likes 》Edit

- Shiny things
- Food, especially sweets
- wind surfing
- His friends and family
- Stalking his "Persons of Interest"
- Relaxing
- Sex ("bonding through body")
- Serene weather
- Chocolate milk

-Apple Juice (especially in juice boxes)



-small, cute animals

-Female anatomy (he likes to take on the form of a voluptuous Parasite Queen with exposed ribs)


《 Dislikes 》

- A person of interest or one of his children gets hurt.
- Having to put forth more effort than he wants (he's lazy)
- Sugar/fat free foods ("Don't halfass it!")
- Someone he hates having the upper hand
- Having inner conflicts
- Birds (they usually steal his stuff-- little does he know, Destiny sends them.)
- Extreme Temperatures (one of his weaknesses)
- Being shot in the neck, mouth, and back

- Pure energy and anything that produces it, such as light crystals and white mountain herbs.
- Those who kill without a legit reason (i.e., "For fun", etc.)
- Senseless violence

-When someone cuts his tongue (even though he regenerates it-- it sees it as rude.)

《 A conversation... 》

“Now I want you to look, right at that young gentleman right there. I think you know him,” Naginata hissed darkly, almost grinning from ear to ear. Jon reacted hysterically, struggling against the muscly hold of his restraints. He bit down as hard as he could on the tentacle gag, only to feel a white hot pain across his face. “Don’t do that again. It’s rude,” Naginata scolded as he pulled his glove back over his hand.

--.introspection. of Luke Hirigani (not published yet)

《 Weapons and Abilities 》


Naginata’s basic ability is the ability to spawn Parasites. While he usually "vomits" the creatures out, sometimes he produces fully grown models from miscellaneous parts of his body, some of the most well-known being Larvae and Aranae model parasites from his mouth and Leviathan models from his back. He can also fuse with them and enhance their properties—but this is only when he has changed completely into the Oniyan “Parasite” Emperor. He’s pretty slow on his feet due to the gravitational properties which is almost congruent to that of planet Earth’s. However, he has limited teleportation (he can only teleport short distances) and levitation abilities that make up for his lack of speed. He also possesses the ability to regenerate, but he is highly sensitive to pain, which is sometimes good and bad for him. He loves to spawn black, dripping tentacles from different parts of his body.

Naginata can also collapse into several million bug/worm-like parasites and force himself inside someone, altering their body, taking hold of their mind, and snatching their DNA. This technique is referred to as "Force Fusion". Ironically, when he leaves his host, he forgets the DNA coding and therefore loses the ability to shape-shift into said host. If he is ever to be able to shape-shift into someone or something, it’d be a twisted, “Corrupted” version of the original. However, because of his position in his host, this ability is critically impaired.

On a more fun note, Naginata often makes a fool of himself poking at people (his claws are retracted) in a failed attempt to paralyze someone. He can, however, attach himself to and perhaps impair someone’s nervous system—but the person would have to be pretty stunned or bound for it to work. This often leads to him asking for people to “stay still”.


Naginata’s fighting style is an odd variation of kickboxing and tae kwon do. His weapon is—you guessed it—a naginata (he named it “Toxic Lighting” because of its green and black retro lightning design he had applied to it). Rarely is he seen carrying this weapon, let alone using it. If he ever does use it, he summons it by pulling it out his throat. The blade, which is black, then forms from his own blood and solidifies (it’s pretty easy to crack if the right point is found). When in this state, Naginata's regeneration abilities are dramatically slowed down unless he is standing still.


There are also other abilities that Naginata possesses, though he may or may not use them as often as his main abilities. Such abilities include the creation of Specters and Phantoms(post FBoW), Paralysis (FBoW and onwards), and recovering past abilities if he is to be successfully resurrected. However, similar to forgetting DNA coding, Naginata can and will forget abilities, such as teleportation.


Naginata is susceptible to Pure Energy and extreme temperatures. Like his "chidren", slashes don't tend to harm him, but blunt force and any weaponry that is synthetically powered or powered with Aura can harm him.

Anything crafted from a Light Crystal/Pure Energy can do immense damage to him, which explains why he hates Pure Oracles so much. White Fire and Ice (the hottest and coldest elements on Ambrosia) can put him in critical condition.. He is incredibly lightweight and therefore easy to toss around. As flexible as he is, he is also fragile.

Normally, it takes him a while to switch into an Offensive state of mind, often leaving him incapacitated while he's switching. He's incredibly lazy and would rather not fight. He has terrible night vision, which is why he often resorts to using Viral Aura Vision in the dark. However, if someone were to use Aura Flash, it would render him blind for a good period of time.

He's a hypocrite and extreme control freak, and his tendency to improvise often leads to his plans being foiled. He is also very susceptible to sexually assaulting a person of interest that he wishes to infect, having a negative impact on both his family's behavior (Corrupted tend to be promiscuous) and La Seri's views on intimacy as a whole. In La Seri's mind set, sexual intimacy is a sign of vulnerability. 

The Host's EmpathyEdit

Xenon Naginata is highly empathetic to people he cares about (even his Persons of Interest). While he initially sees it as a flaw, the empathy and overall influence his host has had on his way of thinking has both physically and mentally restrained him from being the ruthless virus he once was. 

《 Background Story》Edit

There were two pieces of the puzzle that came together: Jake Nakagawa, younger brother of Jynx Nakagawa, who was abducted when she was a little girl, and cousin of Atomika Nakagawa, who was born on Tempus Station Sun. Jake was your average run of the mill young man born on the Tempus Station Moon. He was fascinated with videogames and nature and grossed out by blood and gore. He wore big glasses and was very effeminate, which led to him constantly being picked on and bullied by his classmates, who were sons and daughters of well-known scientists and explorers as well. This often led to him running home, crying, and locking himself in his room, where he’d ask the gods why he was subject to such torture. When his cousin Atomika came to visit for the summer, the two were sent to what would be a fun summer camp in Windatia, the “Windy Nation”. They had been there once before, and that is where their love for Wind Surfing first came about. Sadly, they would never see their parents again after this point. While flying over the Ataksijan Ocean, the pilot suddenly went rogue and steered the plane deeper and deeper into the Great Hurricane, where the ship crash-landed in a barren wasteland…

It was here where Jake first set eyes upon the red-skinned “Parasite King”, the being who seized the mind of the pilot and made him bring the two children to him. Another grey skinned devil, presumably his twin brother, stood beside him. The two force-fused with the children, giving birth to Xenon Naginata, the Deranged, who was previously Jake, and Destiny Naginata the Malevolent, who was previously Atomika. All they needed was their little sister, who slept inside of Destiny (she was sealed inside Destiny for protection), and the puzzle would be complete… While Destiny searched for Jynx, the destined vessel of the final Warlord, Xenon led an assault on the Platinian Empire (while the Parasite King waited for Jake, he manipulated the exiled grey skins into becoming devious monsters who hungered for revenge on the Platinian Empire). Upon beheading Kaito Shurinai, the Emperor of the kingdom, he had sealed the fate of the island. From that point on, Platinia became known as Oniyex, the land of the black ore.

《 Role in TwistedFates 》Edit

For Better or WorseEdit

In For Better or Worse, Xenon becomes enraged upon learning of Luke Hirigani's attempt to kill his children. After meeting with his siblings and stating that he wanted to "make a few... adjustments to his mindset", Naginata leaves a Parasite in Raven Hirigani's cake as a warning, moreso a statement that if Luke didn't want his children, then he'd gladly take them off his hands. He also wanted to get rid of the Venom that built up inside him from the immense stress.

Naginata then takes interest in Andy Ramirez, the friend of Gale Shurinai, the Azure Oracle (though Gale wasn't aware that he was the Oracle at this point in time). He seizes the opportunity and brings Andy back from the dead in order to throw Gale into a major internal conflict. After learning that his and Luke's common enemy, Jon Welkov, was still alive and willing to destroy a Nest that Nata had left behind before his new identity was crafted, Naginata pressures Luke into working with him so that they could eliminate this enemy and go back to their usual bickering and he could revive the Nest. Of course, he didn't tell Luke about the latter.

He then rescues the Outsiders from the wrath of Dragoon, a mercenary working under Welkov. Though it comes off as a nonchalant rescue, Naginata soon reveals that he was only saving them because they were his "Persons of Interest". Ironically, the only person Tainted after the matter was Dragoon himself. After meeting with his siblings again, Naginata promotes Andy to an Elite Guardian and, through Travis, tells him that he is going to kill the man responsible for his death. This is followed up by a dinner initiated with a speech regarding the revival of the Nest, and followed by an Oniyan tradition: frolicking. After a talk with his friend, Jein Blackstar, Naginata leads his family into the Saphra Mountains, the home of the Nest. He becomes empowered and even attaches to the Core of the Nest, but is sealed off by Destiny, who, in spite of his alliance with the Corrupted Life Stream, had to uphold his duty as the last Diamonian ally and protect the Pure Life Stream.

In Rose for ShurinaiEdit

After being awakened by Travis and Luke's Tainted Anima, Xenon's first concern was taking care of Gale's refugee housing. He sent a group of Guardians to apprehend Gale, and, when they returned, reacted a lot better than Travis thought he wouls when he told him that Andy sent them off. Naginata seems to be unaffected by the turn of events, having taken to golfing and even purchasing a doll from a local downtown Auronian pawn shop. Suddenly in a panic from stress, Naginata vomits Black Venom, turning the doll, named "Takashi", into a real boy, flesh and all. Unfortunately, he wouldn't give Takashi enough time to get used to his new body before giving him a curious gift (Taka is now a hermaphrodite, like Naginata). After Taka meets Naginata's vessel in his mindscape, Nagi sends Kitsu to find his skirt chasing son, Ash.

(more on this later)

In Dawn of a New EraEdit

(to be announced)

Miscellaneous Roles Edit

  • In "Golden Arc", Xenon makes advances on three Rebels with his Specters. His primary concern is to snatch Terry Livingston back from the Hunters so that he could make a Nest out of the Golden Arc hotel and force Terry to be the Heart. He does capture the other Hunters along the way, but ends up losing them when Terry goes for a final stride to delete the Corruption Virus from his allies' identity matrices before reverting back into a fully Corrupted being.
  • In OCT: Resort!, Xenon Naginata takes on the idendity of "Yellow". With his allies, codenamed "Cyan", "Magenta", and "Key", Xenon holds a tournament in Skyland (perhaps a variation of Destiny's Cloud 9) in search of an apprentice (someone to turn into a Corrupt Oracle).
  • In Kitty Kitty Bang!Bang!, Xenon takes on the identity of a twisted devil (perhaps a Parasite) disguised as a mutated Cat named "X" and makes advances to take over the "City in the Sky", Metropolis. He stalks his "Ex-Best" named Daniel, a parody of Luke Hirigani.