White Mountain Herb

The White Mountain herb almost seems to have a magical presence about it.

These herbs are used to treat those infected with "The Sickness" or those who are at risk of being infected.Usually, these herbs have seven white leaves and seem to glow and give off a cold aura, almost as if they were pulled out of the freezer. These herbs are naturally cold and curiously sweet and minty tasting. It is said that these herbs were created by Mother Nature to combat the evil within her. Whatever the case, Oniyans loyal to Xenon Naginata hate the sight, smell and presence of the White Mountain herb. Ironically, it grows in the White Mountains, which are located near the Eastern shore of Oniyex. Unless stored in an insulated case, the White Mountain Herb will lose its coolness and magic aura when picked. With this knowledge in hand, Science Teams of the Hunters craft their storage containers and pouches.

Tainted HerbsEdit

Tainted Herbs are White Mountain Herbs that have been washed over with pure Venom. These herbs speed up the Venom producing process and are often used by the Corrupted to boost their Venom levels, therefore increasing their physical, magical, and mental performance.

Treatment MethodsEdit

As noted by Terry in Overdrive, Part 2, there are many methods of treatment one can use with these herbs in hand. Of course, more methods are coming up as time passes on. The herbs can be:

  • Ground and combined with a steamy bath
  • Ground and poured directly in the wound (tends to sting a little)
  • Eaten raw
  • Cooked (White Tea is a popular drink in the Hunter forces and all over La Seri, though it is a rarity (one must have the leaves) and therefore heftily priced)
  • Ground and used in powder form
  • Ground and used in spray form

Reactions to the HerbEdit

While the Hunters, and Outsiders are calmed and replenished in its presence, the Naginata don't seem to take the herb (and the light crystal)'s presence too well. The eyes of a Naginata will go completely black, and they'll either hiss and roar at the herb as if they were wild beasts or simply panic. A White Mountain Herb is stingy to the Naginata's touch, and burns through their saliva. The only way to completely rid the herb of its magic (aside from not storing it properly) is to cover it in Parasite blood, though even that may become cumbersome.