Location: Unknown, Phantom Dimension

Origin: Gemstone Galaxy

Size (diameter): 15,836 mi

# of Continents: 7, including La Seri

Population: ~52 billion

The Phantom Planet Edit

"...One such galaxy, nicknamed the "Gemstone Galaxy", was named for its beautiful stars and sparkling planet that somewhat resembled Earth in Dimension Alpha's Milky Way Galaxy. It was about twice the size of Earth with turquoise waters and lush forests. Advanced technology and magic were popular, and sometimes the two fields often intertwined. This planet was named "Ambrosia" by its people.

It was a gorgeous planet and a wonderful home to billions of people with pointed ears; some were aspiring mages, and others aspired for a more "normal" life. Even still, everyone was bound to a force responsible for the "Essence"  (also known as Mana) that flowed through special people, called the "Life Stream". The life there was governed by three powerful mages: one governed the sentient, one controlled the flow of time, and one watched over nature. These three mages watched the world grow from the Isle of Fortune, a beautiful place that was constantly protected from greedy poachers and pirates alike because of its diverse and plentiful gemstones and wildlife. 

Ambrosia was nearly destroyed by a large asteroid that the mages tried their hardest to defend the planet against by knocking it off course. While they managed to veer it off course, the sheer size and speed of the asteroid was enough to break their magic, causing it to scrape a portion of Ambrosia's moon and slam straight through the planet's diameter. In a panic, the mages tapped into the purest source of the Life Stream and pulled the planet together, preserving it and its people. However, due to the impact and the magic used to rebuild the planet, a large, beautiful, massive waterfall (deemed the "Great Water Tunnel") ran through the planet's diameter instead, and Ambrosia disappeared from the IGD Map.

To keep track of the planet's health, the mages teamed up with the people of Ambrosia and created two massive stations, both of which hovered over both ends of the waterfall, where the planet's poles would have been. The stations were referred to as "Tempus Station Sun" and "Tempus Station Moon". It was here where many practitioners of both science and magic resided with their families. The resident scientists there realized that another object was heading towards the planet. Thankfully, it was a small meteorite; it didn't seem threatening enough. They determined that it would disintegrate before it even hit the planet's surface. 

Unfortunately for them, the meteorite pierced the atmosphere and landed in the Isle of Fortune, carrying with it a young, red-skinned alien, his older brother, and his younger sister. The boy carried a disease that began to spread through nature, and one of the mages, now a "goddess", became gravely ill. It was on that day that the three gods split the Isle of Fortune into separate lands in an attempt to contain the boy's disease. 

When the boy's disease, deemed "Corruption" by a man who found him and his kindred, began to pour into the Life Stream itself, the gods sacrificed themselves, wrapping the land in a magical hurricane that would never end and released their Essences in hopes that the societies that developed from them would fight the growing threat. This Hurricane hid away the islands, their magic, and the captured pirates and their captives away from the rest of Ambrosia. 

The eye of the storm is where our story begins.

Land of Seven Riches Edit

La Seri

A map of La Seri.

La Seri, or the Land of Seven Riches (known as Lé Zéré by the Corrupted and their supporters), is a series of islands located inside the eye of a massive enchanted hurricane known as the Great Hurricane. It was originally known as the Isle of Fortune before the Corruption landed on Ambrosia. There are a variety of peoples and terrains, and one of the terrains even floats in the sky.

The further west a traveller progresses, the closer they get to the ultimate source of Corruption. To give a general idea of how vast La Seri is (and even how large Ambrosia is), the widest district is Silvania, which in total is 3125 miles wide. Its districts are overlooked by a counsel (except Jagaia, which refuses to use a counsel system and instead uses individual village chief systems). You will see mentionings of ore and gems here in the wiki. Serian ore and gems are actually alive in a sense (but not self aware), similar to the plants and shrubbery of La Seri, and are used as trackers of each individual lands’ Life Stream. One cycle on Ambrosia and in La Seri is equal to 1/6 Earth years.

From the Isle of Fortune to the Phantom Island Edit

La Seri started off as the Isle of Fortune, one of the nations of Ambrosia. When an alien humanoid virus referred to as “Corruption” began to spread a vile disease that infected nature and machine, the Isle was split into a chain of Islands and rendered a phantom Island by an enchanted Hurricane. The massive storm was created by three dieties in an attempt to protect the rest of Ambrosia. The islands were thus dubbed the Land of Seven Riches, where the War against Corruption would be fought after the passing of the deities.

The Ore/Gem +Corresponding Districts Edit

  • Silver Ore (Silver): Silvania
  • Sapphire Ore (Sapphire): Saphania
  • Golden Ore (Gold): Auron
  • Jade Gem (Jade): Jagaia
  • Red Gem (Ruby): Rubania
  • Black Gem (Onyx): Oniyex
  • Black/White Gem (Diamond): Diamonia (faction of Oniyex)