Location: Discrete location in Jagaia Founded: Winter 305x Leader: Jon Welkov Life Force: Yang Misc.: The ex Police force of Auron is thought to be a sub-division of the Executioners.

After hearing of the pact between the Slayers and the Rebels, Jon Welkov couldn't bear to wait any longer. He founded the Executioners with two goals in mind: eliminate the competition and take La Seri for himself. He hired Chosen bounty hunters, bandits, and thugs from across the globe, promising them endless riches and the world's best killing spree. These ruthless killers follow Welkov's every command. Those who disobey or displease him are mercilessly slain.


-Jon Welkov
-Edward "Dragoon" Nakagawa

Territory: Descrete Location (Jagaia)Edit

The Executioners have established an HQ in a discrete location, possibly deep in the Jagaian Jungle. Naginata has discovered their HQ on several different accounts, sending Guardians to destroy it. As a result, the Executioners move their HQ every 2-3 cycles in hopes of avoiding detection. It is interesting to note that Luke has never bothered to set foot in any of their headquarters, though the Rebels forces have several run-ins with the Executioners (they've become more frequent since the attempted attack on Gale Shurinai).