Naginata crest (bigger)

A rendering of the Naginata Clan's crest.

Oniyex (oh-nai-yay), La Seri

Founded: Month 9, 300x. It is known among some, mainly scholars who study Diamonian archives that these creatures were once Platinian.

Leader: (Emperor) Xenon Naginata

Misc: Subdivision of the "Neo Empire", a worldwide organization focused on dominating the planet and its inhabitants in the name of its leader, usually referred to as "Mother".

Aura: Purple; Black when "Released"

"The Corrupted", otherwise known as Oniyans, are beings that have come down with the Corruption virus. They usually live in Oniyex, though there are Corrupted that live outside of Oniyex. These creatures are feared across La Seri, even if they mean no harm. They're generally psychologically disturbed creatures, suffering from intrusive thoughts and urges to spread Corruption. There are some willing to spread this Corruption, and there are some who are not willing to do so. Those willing usually join the military ranks of the Naginata clan. They all take on the last name, Naginata, unless they leave the Oniyan lands and don't wish to carry the Oniyan name with them.


They have elongated forms; the body and hair are longer than the average Ambrosian; while the average Ambrosian ranges from 4'-5.5', the average Corrupted ranges from 6'-7'. These creatures have long, slimy black tongues, black retractable claws on their hands and feet, and black rings around their neck, wrists, and ankles. Their spinal columns, having been replaced with the Leviathan Parasite model, are exagerrated in appearance; it looks like there are bumps lining the middle of their back. They have carnivourous teeth and long fangs, often leading them to be likened to vampires. Their ears are pointier, notched, and often longer than the average Serian; black markings, in addition to the black rings, are found on their ear and face (beneath their eyes). However, this is their "Level 1 Cloaked" form; their real forms, known as "Released", appear a lot more drastically mutated in comparison to their Level 1 Cloaked form. It is noted that there is a "Level 2 Cloaked" form, in which they can appear to be any of the Pure races. This doesn't change their Aura, however.

The CorruptedEdit

Luke Naginata

Figure 2: Luke Naginata. Notice the exaggerated spine.

A group of parasitic, virulent beings willing to spread the virus of Xenon Naginata across La Seri. These creatures resemble elongated vampires, though there are many more highly mutagenic properties to them. For one, they have very sharp, carnivore-like teeth that are usually used to inject parasite blood inside the victim/host. They have very pale, cold skin, and they usually have elongated forms and shoulder-foot length hair (though some Naginata like Ash tend to cut theirs, much to Xenon Naginata's dismay). These creatures physically age extremely fast until their brain shuts off their body's ability to physically age. A child Naginata tends to range from 4-5 feet in height (even at 3 years of age). An adult Naginata usually ranges from 6-7 feet tall. They have long, pointed ears that are slit about 1.5 inches from the tip. They have black markings on their face, ears, neck, wrists, and ankles [1]. Their spines are exaggerated; dull "spikes" line the location of their spinal cord(see left). With most of these properties, they are easily distinguished from human beings [2][3].

See the main article for a list of the family's current members.

Creatures and RanksEdit

Parasite- A spawn of Xenon Naginata, Parasites are hardy creatures. While they all have an identical design (the Naginata crest on their bodies and the shell and flesh sections), some are more hardy and violent than others. There are some models that can even be considered harmless unless certain conditions arise. When slain, a parasite will collapse into a puddle of blood, similar to the Guardians. If consumed (either intentionally or forcibly) or inhaled, this blood could infect the consumer, and the consumer is doomed to go through the seven stages of corruption until treated. On a more fun note, they make great pets to the Oniyans. (Main Article )

Commoner- A standard Oniyan. These creatures are like commoners in the human race in that they hardly possess the abilities of a Noble or a Guardian, but they are still treated with luxury. Though they are infectious, reports of them infecting others is rare; instead, they try to live simpler lives than the main branch of the Naginata Clan. Most Commoners tend to travel outside of Oniyex, leaving their last names behind them for fear of being assumed infectious and dangerous.

Guardian- A Naginata that is in the clan's military division. These creatures all speak in the same demonic tone and are all identical within their ranking. The masks are responsible for the change in the voice and outer appearance of the wearer. Guardians are usually seen roaming the city in groups, and if one is usually found handling its business alone, it may either be an Elite or a Noble. (Main article)

Noble- A Naginata that is a member of the upper class of the Naginata clan. Nobles are a bit closer to the Warlords than Guardians. There are actually Noble Guardians: these can think and act on their own when they wear a mask. They also specialize in all types of combat. These Guardians wear half a mask.

Warlord- A ranking given to three parasitic beings who are given the responsibilities of leading this demonic clan. There are three warlords: Xenon Naginata, Incubus the Benevolent, and Destiny the Malevolent.

Aging DeficienciesEdit

The Corrupted are known for being comprised of many youthful members, most of which are in the late teens or early twenties. This trait comes about through exposure to the dark matter in the atmosphere (or exposure to Pure Venom), which speeds up their aging process to a certain point before their brain shuts the aging function off as an emergency response. The Warlords of the clan also have control over the aging functions of the bodies of those involved with the clan-- even after they have left and become Exes. It is interesting to note that most Naginata are young, while most royal Platinians were of old age. The aging preference of the clan may have arisen as a way of responding and rebelling against the Platinian way of life, where being old symbolized wisdom.

Rule of Rings

The Rule of Rings, illustrated. Only Corrupted have these rings around their necks.

The "Rule of Rings"Edit

Corrupted beings have rings around their necks, ankles, and wrists. These rings not only show their rank, but also shows which of their hands are dominant; most of the focus is on their wrists. By standard rule, all regular Corrupted have one black ring around their neck, ankles, and non-dominant hand. Their dominant hand is the only part of them with two rings. However, if they're ambidextrous, one ring will be around both wrists. Parasite Kings and Queens have two rings around their necks. Note that only Corrupted get these rings; Infected do not have the Rule of Rings applied to them.

The Corrupted "Hunger"Edit

This is what drives the Corrupted to spread Xenon's virus. While the Corrupted do eat and drink normally like the average Ambrosian, the Corrupted have a special type of "Hunger". When a Corrupted declares their hunger, usually in the Oniyan tongue, their body has produced enough Venom to release into another victim. There are several different ways that the Corrupted manage this Hunger aside from infecting a victim. Some Corrupted allow the Venom to collect in their mouth and simply bottle it for future use. Others bite into a special type of plant (it appears to be a sugar cane) that turns completely black when it can take no more Venom. It is then delivered to the Corrupteds' laboratory or out to Shangoths after being watered down with other fluids.