Jack Rosso- Slayer Ref

The standard Slayer outfit worn by Jack Rosso. The mask is not part of the outfit; it's part of Jack.

Location: Main HQ located in Saphania, though there is an Auronian Division.

Founded: Date Unknown, but it is known that it was founded four years after Rolaeko Menguishi was forced to become the Oniyan Emperor's scientific advisor.
Leader: (Councilman) Rolaeko Menguishi
Life force: Yin, though Rolaeko has some dark elements to him that he tries his best to seal away
Misc.: Collectively, Rebels and Slayers are simply referred to as "Hunters". The other Slayer division is headed by Frank Soughton in Strawberry Mansion.

The Slayers were founded in response to Rolaeko's realization that he had assisted in the development of a viral species under the control of his ex master, the Oniyan Emperor. The majority of the Slayer forces is comprised of specially trained Saphanians, though mysterious Auronians like Frank and Danny Soughton are involved with the Auronian division. The Slayers do their best to imprison persons involved with the Naginata clan in hopes of protecting the people of PA Japan. They have only slain Parasites in the past, which is ironic considering the fact that they're referred to as "Slayers". The other two Divisions of the Hunters are the Auronian Slayers, headed by Frank Soughton, and the Rebels, headed by Luke Hirigani.

Main MembersEdit

- Councilman Rolaeko Menguishi
- Frank Soughton
- Stephanie Anbur Soughton
- Danny Soughton
- Mayella Soughton
- Billy Soughton
- Ray Soughton
- William "Frisco" Suzuki
- Jack "Furball" Rosso
- Cleo "Chinue" Everesti
- Leona "Carnation" Suzuki
- Jake Fox

Slayers and FeralsEdit

Slayers, especially the Saphanian Division, have often gone on missions and run into Ferals, corrupted Saphanians filled to the brim with rage and the desire to bite, scratch, or kill anything in their paths. Jack Rosso and William Suzuki have often had run-ins with these beasts and have overcome them by landing attacks on their heads. Elite Slayers are often sent out on missions to protect the population from these wild beasts, but these tasks are really hard, so the payment is a pretty large sum.
Jack gets attacked by a Feral-- again

Jack gets attacked by a Feral-- again.