Silvania is split into 8 miniature islands and houses the Mithril Sea. Its inhabitants, a race of teal-skinned Serians with fish-like properties (gills and fins). It is a generally flat marsh land, and the Silvanians are able to dwell both on this land and under the water. Its underwater homes do feature “Bubble Houses” in which outsiders can dwell. Even its surface houses contain pools in which Silvanians can relax. The Life Stream of this area is indicated by silver ore.

Silviania was the center of intellect before the attack from Corruption. The people there would discuss theories and comomunicate with their neighbors, the Saphanians, who were masters of the occult and supernatural. When Corruption struck, the Silvanian scholars went into hiding before they were rescued by the Diamonian council. Now, while it is not a scholar center, Silvania is a pretty wonderful place to live.

Silvanian ClimateEdit

Temperatures are generally mild; they never reach extremes. Summers are warm, winters are cold. Skies are generally clear.

Locations of InterestEdit

Silvania is a wetland, mostly marshland, though it is safe enough for land dwellers to live on. There are large cliffs off of which many professional divers like to dive, clear waters, and tall grasses.

Bubble HousesEdit

Bubble houses are homes built specifically for people who are unable to breathe underwater. These houses are usually surrounded by coral, both glowing and regular and are usually clustered in “underwater cities”, such as Silver City.

Mithril SeaEdit

The large sea in the middle of the cluster of islands that make up Silvania.

Silver CityEdit

Silver City is the large cluster of Bubble buildings and also houses the Silvanian council, the council that oversees the activities of both land and water-dwelling Silvanians. Silver City is named for its buildings that shimmer silver under the clear waters and is known as the “Atlantis of Ambrosia”. The buildings are actually lined with pure Silver ore, and the city is located in the Mithril Sea.

Mithril HallEdit

This hall is where the council operates. It is also the center of commerce, trade, and education, though there are school houses, trade centers, etc. on land.

Ancient Silvanian Library RuinsEdit

Situated on the cliff of Argentum town, a surface town, part of these ruins broke off and are submerged underwater. This is where the scholars of Silvania studied and communicated with their Saphanian neighbors.