Saphania is a heavily forested biome with one mountain range, the Saphra Mountains, on its western side. Its villages, similar to Auron’s subdistructs, is organized on a circular level. However, the closer inland one ventures, the closer it gets to the Corrupted village, Omega village. Its people have great nightvision and hearing, accompanied by a variety of feline and canine-based ears. People of Saphania are often tanner than other races, though there are instances of light-skinned Saphanians. Saphanians who live in areas of heavy shrubbery often make tree houses with hopes of reducing the chances of their house being broken into by Ferals, who are Corrupted Saphanians. Any technology they interact with is often infused with a certain aspect of nature. They rarely chop trees and build around them. The Life Stream of this area is indicated by sapphire gems.


The climate in Saphania is usually sunny, autumn-like weather, though humid days are very common. Precipitation often ranges from light mists during summer, fall, and spring, and light snow during the winter. Sun showers are also very common.

Locations of InterestEdit

Saphania is basically a vast district of grassy valleys and dense forests. Most of the environment here remains untouched by technology, though any technology present in this district was made possible by magic. There are not many locations of interest here, though the scenery is stunningly beautiful-- perhaps even more beautiful than Jagaia.

Saphania Shore: Labled as the most peaceful shore in La Seri. There are small villages on these shores, and people from as far as Western Auron often venture to the shore to have fun on the beach and have a good time during the day. However, as all nights on the shores are in La Seri, Guardians roam the beaches in search of recruits. However, Saphanian shores glow a dim blue color when the sun sets completely, making the Guardians easier to spot.

Saphania Forest: The main forest covering the inlands of Saphania. No one has dared to venture too deep into this forest, for there have been reported sightings of Saphanians that have fallen under the influence of Xenon Naginata (they are referred to as "Ferals"). This makes Saphania Forest a very strategical location for the access point to the Saphanian Council's Headquarters.

Saphanian Grasslands: The vast region of Saphania. This is 70% of Saphania, and 30% of this region is covered with forest (mostly the inlands that people find uninhabitable due to the prescence of Ferals). Villages are scattered all throughout this region, most of which are located a pretty far distance away from the forest. A few Ferals roam this area at night, making the area of the grasslands closer to the central forest a dangerous region to venture into. However, while roaming the grasslands at night, adventurers can see scattered trees that glow a faint blue color. These trees are not visible when the sun is out. Saphanian Villages: These 24 villages are scattered throughout the Saphanian Grasslands. There are two villages in particular that are important. Alpha is located farthest away from the forest. This is where the Pilgrims from all over La Seri stop to do their worshipping. This is also where Gale Shurinai resided when his shop was attacked by Guardians when he first opened it. The closest to the forest is Omega. This is the village that Luke Hirigani had to save from a massive Feral attack when he first set up the Rebel HQ on Gold Island.

Saphanian Temples: Like the villages, these are scattered throughout Saphania. These temples are now used to worship the Diamonians. The closer to the central forest these temples are, the less well preserved they are. The closest temple has been completely remodled into a HQ for the Feral Saphanians and a place to worship the three Warlords (Destiny, Incubus, and Naginata). There are 24 temples, each remotely close to the villages. They too glow blue at night, though the Omega Temple glows red due to the prescence of Dark Matter that was given to the Ferals.