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Gale Shurinai has been through hell since the battle on the Saphra Mountains. One of his best friends, "Remy", has become a Guardian, and he's constantly stalked by the clan ever since his secret had been revealed to the Oniyan Emperor. Even worse, the Emperor wants him and his associates to return to the clan! Will Shurinai conjure up the strength to break Remy's curse, or will he fall to the hands of the Naginata clan and become a shadow of himself-- again?

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The last page of the first Chapter of Rose for Shurinai

Importance to the ArcEdit

This documents Gale's awakening as the Azure Oracle and reveals secrets of his and Luke's heritage. It also reveals a shocking truth about the Oniyans and their ancestors as well. Many new characters are introduced, and Naginata is reawakened with a new package of powers that signals as absolute trouble for those against Corruption. Even with these odds, Gale's awakening as the Azure Oracle serves as a crucial point in the War Against Corruption.

Chapter 1: RefugeEdit

This chapter opens with Travis Naginata giving orders to his Elite Guardian unit to capture Shurinai and bring him back alive, hinting at the fact that Shurinai was still running the refugee camp since Naginata was sealed away. Remy, an Elite Guardian at the time, reacts with much discontent when discovering the news through the hive mind, dashing to Gale's shop as the unit prepared to depart. He warns Gale that there is an Elite unit coming for him, unsure of why they want him so bad.

After telling the Guardians that he'd handle Gale, Remy detaches himself from the Hive Mind.

Meanwhile, Xenon Naginata is visited by Travis, who semi-ruins his golf game. It is through Travis' worry that Naginata reveals that he knows Remy's going to keep visiting Gale. He does nothing about it because he is under the impression that once Remy reveals what he does know about Gale's past to him, the two would either get angry at each other, or Gale will crack in some way.

Back at Gale's shop, Gale reveals to Remy why the Guardians have been visiting him often: he is housing runaway Corrupted in an underground cave. Remy is made to swear he will never tell anyone about the location of the refugees, but is unable to see them because Gale believes they are afraid of him. This triggers Remy's uncertainty about visiting Gale; he feels that he's bringing a bad seed into the shop and leaves abruptly after the two say goodbye.

Enter: LukeEdit

When Gale and Remy enter the cave, Gale gets a call from his boss, Luke Hirigani, the brooding Rebel leader from For Better or Worse. It's safe to assume that at this point, Luke has recovered from the hypnosis at the end of the previous installment. What he's doing in the Crystal Caverns at this point has yet to be explained, but he's seated on a podium next to a few books, which will later play an important role in the story. He also loses contact with Gale, a symbol that later represents how he distances himself from Gale after learning the truth about their families.

Other Plot PointsEdit

Ash Naginata, chipper son of Xenon Naginata, complains about "Kitsie", his twin brother, who apparently went off to hunt Luke. How Kitsu sensed Luke in the Crystal Caverns is unknown, but he later attacks Luke in chapter 2, perhaps out of a grudge.

Chapter 2: A Different LightEdit

Chapter 2 opens in the Crystal Caverns, where Luke is looking through the contents of a secret stash of books with hopes of finding something useful. He comes across a metal box with his name embroidered in gold on the front, but upon opening it, realizes that he's getting nothing but static out of it. It's at this point where he decides to dispose of the box that he realizes his favorite scarf's brushed up against a dusty surface one too many times, revealing to him a clue that he was to view the contents of the box while using Aura Vision.

"See the world in a different Light."

It is at this point where he sees a hologram of a figure that seems to know him, whose name and role in the story has yet to be revealed in canon. The hologram tells him that there's a switch that will open a secret passage and that only members of their family and the Shurinai family can open it. However, Luke's progression deeper into the Caverns would have to wait; he catches a glimpse of a purple Aura-- Kitsu's followed him.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Terry offers an unhappy Gale a milkshake in hopes of cheering him up. After managing to pull him together, Gale asks about how the refugees he visited in Chapter 1. Terry reports that things are going smoothly, then proceeds to ask about Luke. Sadly, Gale has no update on Luke's progress since they were cut off from each other in the last chapter. Their search for Luke would have to wait; Terry gets a report from TatiTech that there are readings of NX1 in Uptown Auron.

In a local pawn shop in Uptown Auron, Naginata has taken to admiring a set of dolls. He picks up one that will show up again in Chapter 3. After Corrupting the shop owner by forcing her to consume a Parasite Egg, Xenon takes his leave.

Back in the Crystal Caverns, Luke is facing off against Kitsu, who proceeds to choke him and announce that he's getting rusty. After getting a nasty slap to the face, part of Kitsu's real face is revealed. It is at this time that we learn that the Corrupted can't use their Release state in any territory that has an inkling of Pure Aura present in the area. With that, Kitsu retreats, leaving Luke to pass out from taking in too much Dark Matter.