Below is a list of the noted members of the Rebel forces. It is interesting to note that some Rebels are Exes; leaving the Corruption and remaining "Clean" for a prolonged period of time shows a display of immense spiritual and willpower. However, they're unstable and thus at risk of relapsing.

  • Terry "Xi" Livingston (Head of Research & Development, aka "TatiTech")
  • Gale "Psi" Shurinai (Head of Recon)
  • Luke "Sigma" Chase (Captain of ASUT Sigma)
  • Jin "Epsilon"Hadely
  • Celia "Lambda"
  • Jade "Chi" Hiroshima
  • Yinchta "Theta" Kageyoshi
  • Celia "Lambda" Rothensburg
  • Omnicron "Omicron"
  • Pam "Pi" Greene
  • Ruby "Beta" Valentine
  • James "Kappa" Tiche
  • Vincent "Iota" Kimotana