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A layout of the Rebel outfit. This shows Jin "Epsilon" Hadley in his variation of the Rebel outfit.

: Centered on Auro Island.

Founded: Autumn 305X
Leader: (Commander) Luke "Zeta" Hirigani
General Aura: Neutral (Teal)
'Misc.: 'Second division of the Hunters after the two leaders formed a pact in winter 305X.

The Rebels function as a group of vigilante Hunters who abide by few ethical rules to ensure the foiling of the Naginata clan's plans. They function similar to the Slayers, though they would rather kill the Naginata than subdue them. They take on more offensive missions against the Naginata, though it is noted that there are many tactical squads (known as TatiTech) within the Rebel Forces, one of which is led by Terry Livingston himself. Previously corrupted Rebels (those who are ex-Naginata) are at risk of going through phases 5-7 of the infection repeatedly (usually every 1-3 weeks) until either subdued by Guardians or treated.


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There are several units within the Rebel forces, some of which actually parallel with those of the Slayers.

  • Cadets: people in the process of being trained to become an official Rebel.
  • NUUT (Nursing Unit): The healers of the Rebel forces; treats the wounded and infected.
  • ASUT (Assault Unit): Assault Units lead offensive operations against the Naginata clan (and sometimes even the Executioners). They are equipped with advanced weaponry and gadgets to use at their own risk. They usually wear vests or small jackets. Assault Units are assembled semi-annually.
  • TatiTech (Tactical and Technical Unit): TatiTech, headed by Terry Livingston, serves as the communications experts of the Rebel Forces. They also are responsible for the creation and development of the weapons, gadgets, and sometimes even items (such as the White Mountain herb) that the Rebels use. A handful of them are selected semi-annually, at the same time the Cadets are promoted to Soldiers.
  • ELUT (Elite Unit): The Elite Units of the Rebel Forces, each headed by a skilled warrior that is referred to as the Greek letter which the unit represents. Elite Units usually wear trenchcoats and a creative variation of the standard ASUT outfit.

Territory: Auro IslandEdit

Rebels patrol Auro Island and have adapted a special ability that enablese them to withstand the harsh winds of the sand storm. They usually wear goggles to assist in traversing the desert of Auro Island (and any other desert region) and seeing through the sand storms. These goggles are equipped with an advanced GPS programmed by Terry Livingston, who broadcasts the signal alongside a satellite. With these two signals, the GPS equipped in the goggles is highly reliable. The goggles also take track of the Rebel's health condition, corruption level, and scans for possible nearby threats. It is interesting to note that Terry, Gale, and Luke do not wear these goggles, though Terry has a holographic visor that functions in the same manner as the goggles. Perhaps Gale and Luke were so harshly infected that it left a permanent effect on their brain, enabling it to act as an actual computer (similar to Terry's visor and the goggles he programmed, though many features such as the GPS aren't available). This speculation has yet to be confirmed. Because of the many risks associated with being an ex-Naginata, Rebels rarely patrol at night.

  • There have been rare reports of Rebels temporarily changing into Guardians during nightfall and attacking any nearby sentient organisms. At night, Rebels are slightly more unstable, leaving them more vulnerable to corruption. They were probably attacked by Blanc Guardians (who have designed special projectiles meant to purposely push their corruption levels to 100%). As a counter, some Rebels are equipped with a special herb that cancels out the effects of the weapon and reduces the corruption level, but the herb must be consumed quickly; the infection spreads quite frequently.