Shangoth Trish van Hüller

Patricia van Hüller, a Necro Knight and a Shangoth who travels between Ambrosia and other Planets to spread the "Love of Corruption".

"Long live Corruption... Long live the Empire!" —Shangoth Motto

Phangoths (Shangoths if Ambrosian) are Chosen nymphomaniacs who, through BDSM and excessive intercourse, worship the Corruption, its Warlords, and the "Neo Empire", a chain of allies of Corruption led by the mysterious "Mother", an entity whose existence is debatable. It is an underground movement, though there have been instances where mass murders have taken place. There is immense prejudice against followers of this movement, leading followers to lead more of a double life.

Background InfoEdit

On planet Earth in Dimension One, Ion Dragos was a college professor and ambitious scholar who taught Mythology and Paranormal theory, studying both fields obsessively. Upon browsing the school library, Dragos came across information pertaining to the Phantom Dimension, Dimension X, where Ambrosia and its brewing Corruption was located. Through this information and tons of obsessive research, Ion founded the Phangoths after being contacted by the Noire Oracle, Sharron Hin.


The average Phangoth has piercings in the most peculiar places on his/her body, which isn't too different from most normal people. What is unnerving about Phangoths is the fact that they appear to be healthy and unharmed (if not for their hollow eyes), even with the many wounds afflicted upon them. Their pupils appear to be that of a cat's, and their hair, similar to a Corrupted, grows to their waist, at minumum. Aside from piercings, their tongues are covered in black veins. Similar to the Corrupted, Phangoths have black nipples, caused by their venom intake. However, upon leaving the place of worship, Phangoths have the option of cloaking their appearance to hide their piercings, leaving seemingly untouched skin where a piercing may have been. They also have fangs, which some find it difficult to hide. On a more fun note, Phangoths love to wear make-up, mimicking the markings of the Corrupted beings they aspire to be.

What got them so twisted?Edit

There have been reports of "Leaks". Apparently, there is a faction of Phangoths that travel to and from Ambrosia (probably Shangoths) and delivers the Venom of Corruption. Phangoths and Shangoths ingest and inject this Venom in various ways, feeding themselves Corruption. The Venom is watered down, calling for more injections. There are also "Necro Knights", leaders of these factions, that have taken the full Corruption, becoming Manipulators and twisting the minds of the cultists. Necro Knights are attached to the Hive Mind, a suggestion that their connection with Corruption through mentality is strong enough to withstand the restraints of the Diamonian's boundary. Phangothian Venom is a mixture of regular (not Pure, as it's too mutagenic) Venom and an unknown, creamy substance, rumored to be "Mother's Milk".

The Seven Steps (Stairway to Liberation)Edit

Similar to the Seven Phases of Corruption, there are seven "Steps" that a Phangoth/Shangoth goes through until they become completely Corrupted. When a Phangoth/Shangoth has completed the Seven Steps, he/she is considered "Liberated" and have the option of commiting suicide to become reborn on the Pantom Island of La Seri as a Naginata clan member.

  • Commencement: The person of interest receives his/her first dosage of Venom and a tongue piercing made completely of Ambrosian onyx ore. The Commencement is completed with the victim's brainwashing by a Necro Knight.
  • Trial of Needles: The newly "adopted" member is restrained. Another member (someone who's been through this trial before) slowly inserts 400 needles through the person's skin. If the person begs for mercy three times, he/she is permitted to rest for three days before starting the trial again. The trial must be completed before he/she can move on to the next trial.
  • Trial of Invasion: The person must withstand contact with an Aranae Parasite and take 1 larvae inside any opening, all without fainting for 7 minutes. If the person faints, he/she can start over within three days. The Parasites remain dormant inside and attached to the person's body.
  • Trial of Endurance: A demented little game of tag; the person must successfully catch his/her designated target (another Shangoth) and outlast him/her via intercourse. This task would be simple, if not for the fact that said partner is hyped on Venom, causing him/her to be a lot nimblr and sexually aggressive than usual.
  • Trial of Mentality: "Mind over Matter"; the person is led to a heated spike pit, where they must lay down, meditating in spite of the thousands of burning pins prodding at their skin. If they can successfully meditate for seven minutes, they have passed the trial.
  • Trial of Invasion, Part 2: The person bathes in a tub filled with Parasite blood and Larvae model Parasites, withstanding any and everything both sentient forces inflict upon them. This trial goes on until the person's pupils become cat-like, signifying that their suspension in Corruption has cracked them.
  • Liberation: The Standard Seven Phases of Corruption are compressed into the final step. The Parasites inside and attached to the person become active, finishing the job.

Mutant PhangothsEdit

Even though the Phangoths do not take on their completely Corrupted states until they pass on to Ambrosia, some Phangoths can channel properties of the Corrupted, such as stretchy black tongues and carnivourous teeth. Other channeled properties include black claws, and the temporary sprouting of a Released Corrupted's tail, though only for a short period of time. Necro Knights can completely take on the form of a full-blooded Corrupted being.